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Thanksgiving in Seattle -- 1999

It was a real feast at Jeannie's and Tim Beauchamp's place at the foot of Queen Anne's Hill near the water on 25 November 1999.

Guests (besides myself) included Mary and her babydoll, Madeline; Rachel who flew to Portland then drove up from Corvallis with Mary; Lizzie (living with Jeannie for right now); Dave who only lives a few minutes from Jeannie; Timmy, who also lives nearby in Seattle, and his ladylove, Amy; Jeannie's friend, James; Tim's roommate, Anya; and two other friends of Tim's, Dain--who is planning on leaving for American Samoa soon--and Dawn

Pictures at the bottom of the page were taken on 27 November at The Sitting Room, a really pleasant place near Jeannie's that serves Vegan food

At Jeannie's Place on Thanksgiving Day itself

At The Sitting Room on 27 November 1999

That's all for right now, folks!